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....when she will experience it. And so we are robbed of all our children. One often gets close to despair. But God always leads out of the depths onto the heights. Many thousands have starved. Yesterday we received the 9 dollars from you. Oh, I just cannot restrain myself out of sheer thankfulness. Yes, dear siblings, if you were not here we would no longer be here either. "Remember us at all times" is our cry to God as well as to people. When will things change? Hearty thanks to all those who have given. May God reward them. How are things with your Peter. Fritz, be rescued while there is time. Greetings to all the children. Oh what advantages your children have over ours! God be with you. Your humble, Jacob.

My Marie just said we have no more flour. The dollar is worth about 1 r. 37 k. [rubles and smaller currency]. Things are looking very very bad for our Peter. Help “Geschwister” [siblings] please. -- we can hardly carry our burden any longer. He can no longer walk. On June 27th we reported the news from grandfather to you. This night I dreamt a lot about him. “Auf wiedersehen” [we’ll see you again] Your humble, Jacob.